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Discover how you can visualize your versatile design possibilities around the house & garden with Picasolo with just one click!
From home or on the go on your cell phone or tablet!

Our USP is simplicity! You can start right away without getting bogged down with technical details. What's more, Picasolo can be used on your smartphone, tablet & laptop.
Upload a photo or rendering of a property, house or garden. Then you mark the desired place in your image that you want to adjust and describe in the text field what change you want. You can also draw them directly in your image and describe all further details in the text field.
As an architect, homeowner or Do It Yourself maker, you are one of the customers for whom Picasolo was developed. We cater to your personal needs, depending on how often you want to use our design tool.

Many design possibilities - One solution | Picasolo

Discover your application possibilities with our examples

Design your new garden house

You are standing in your green garden and long for a garden house for cozy evenings?

Visualize the new path to your house

You want to redesign your front yard and test out different designs for the new path to your house?

Redesign the house facade

Your client's house needs a new look with brighter colors and panoramic windows?

Get inspiration for the transformation of your roof

You bought a house and want to change the flat roof into a gable roof?

Save your favorite designs and start implementing them!


Enter your design ideas via text input or drawing function


The conversion and your adjustments are done within seconds

Rich in variation

Iterate your designs at will and compare the variations of your designs

Convince yourself of Picasolo.
We have the right offer for each of our customers


9,99€ /month

Create up to 20 design iterations per month


99€ /month

Create up to 50 design iterations per month


199€ /month

Create unlimited design iterations

From your idea to the
perfect design draft!

About Picasolo

Moritz Luck

CEO (chief executive officer) Picasolo

Moritz also studied mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). As founder of numerous successful start-ups and investor for innovative ideas, his heart beats for progress - true to his life motto "The best way to predict the future is to create it". With his latest creation - Picasolo - he has created a unique design tool with the simplest technical handling.


Dr.-Ing. Florian Marthaler

CMO (chief marketing officer) Picasolo

Florian holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and an MBA from the Collège des Ingénieur. As CO-Founder, he puts his expertise and network into promising ideas & projects. With passion he optimizes and perfects every product to get the maximum added value for you as a customer.